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Better step-by-step solving!

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We’ve developed this Sudoku Solver to try and solve Sudokus by logic only, and giving an explanation of how the answer was reached (scroll down this page to see the notes box).

Simply enter your numbers in the start grid and hit Solve It.

First, it applies the most basic rule of Sudoku: that any row, column, or 3x3 block cannot contain the number in the start grid. It then crunches though the Solve Methods (explain). We have entered an example Sudoku to show you how it works - to do your own hit Clear The Start Grid.

The answers appear in the Solution Grid.

Step-by-step solving: See how the logic works.

Suggest-a-move: Got stuck and just want a single clue?

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Help find a new solve rule.. check out our Illogical grids we can’t solve by logic.

Help code a new solve rule.. click here (one proposed solve method).

Check out Sudoku Statistics from our database.

For any comments or suggestions, we’d love to hear from you. Please email us.

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Enter the start grid numbers here:

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Clear the Start Grid

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This is the solution grid:

Notes created by the solver:

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